AI Newsletters

A hand-curated list of the best AI newsletters

The Algorithm
In-depth reporting on innovation
Venture Beat AI
Covering transformative technology
Sparks in the Wind
Updated by François Chollet
Covers Data Science and AI
Ahead of AI
Machine learning & AI researcher
The Batch
World-class AI education accessible
Open Data Science
News for the data science community
O’Reilly Media
Curated by O'Reilly experts
Ben's Bites
Daily AI newsletter by Ben Tossell
Import AI
Newsletter by Jack Clarks
This Week in AI
AI tools for naturally creative humans
Your AI Weekly Digest
Updated by Nathan Benaich
Deloitte AI
Analytics, AI and Automation
Towards AI Inc
AI community and newsletter
Data Science Weekly
Curated news related to Data Science
Inside AI
The latest in AI, Robotics, and Neurotech
Data Machina
Machine Learning and AI newsletter
The Gradient
Reporting on the latest AI research
Zero To Mastery
Helps you learn AI skills
Alpha Signal
A weekly summary for AI researchers
Exponential View
Unlocking the near future
Unwind AI
Simplifying ML and AI
AI Breakfast
The latest developments in AI
This Week in ML & AI
Stories from the world of ML and AI
The Next Web - Neural
Human-centric AI news and analysis
Deep Learning Weekly
New developments in Deep Learning
Data Elixir
The latest data science picks
Emerj Artificial Intelligence
Market research on AI echnology
Through the Noise
Best way to learn about tech and AI
China's leading media provider for AI
The Institute for Ethical AI
Design and deployment of AI
The Sequence
Updated by Jesus Rodriguez
Marketing AI Institute
Making AI approachable
AI/ML research and news
The Algorithmic Bridge
Updated by Alberto Romero
The Decoder
News and updates on AI
Unite AI
Analysis on AI technology
H+ Weekly
Latest news about robotics and AI
Eye on A.I.
News, insights and data
AI Tidbits
AI, ML, and everything in between
AI Magazine
Connects leaders in the AI industry
News in the world of big data
AI Supremacy
Updated by Michael Kevin Spencer
AI Disruption
Updated by Alex McFarland
The Memo
Updated by Dr Alan D. Thompson
AI-zing News with Ava
AI writer and enthusiast
Smoking Robot
The latest AI tools, news, and reviews