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Tektonic AI Raises $10M to Develop GenAI Agents

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

10 Jun 2024

For the purpose of automating corporate processes, Tektonic AI has raised ten million dollars to construct GenAI agents. One of the newer firms operating in this sector is Tektonic, which is situated in Seattle. Through the announcement of its $10 million seed investment round, which was led by Point72 Ventures and Madrona Ventures, the firm, which mixes GenAI with more traditional symbolic methodologies, is emerging from stealth mode today.

The purpose of this effort is to make it possible for users to collaborate with GenAI agents by employing natural language in order to automate workflows. One area that the company places a strong emphasis on is the provision of quotes and renewals. Nic Surpatanu, who had previously held leadership roles at Tanium, UiPath, and Microsoft, was one of the individuals who jointly established Tektonic. According to Surpatanu, generative artificial intelligence has the potential to provide a degree of flexibility to context and an awareness of the user's intent to these systems. On the technical side of things, Tektonic makes use of a combination of foundation models and open models.

Steve Singh, Ted Kummert, and Palak Goel, who work for Madrona, write in the announcement that the company made today. Tektonic is still in its very early stages, and the team is now collaborating with a number of design partners in order to test and build out its system. According to Surpatanu,