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Israeli AI Startup Bridgewise Secures $21M for Investment Research

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

17 April 2024

Israeli startup Bridgewise has secured $21 million in funding to offer AI-powered investment research for international securities. Utilizing machine-learning algorithms, the company provides investment analysis services to brokerages, wealth advisors, and exchanges such as Nasdaq, the London Stock Exchange, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It also offers a robo-advisor named Bridget, providing tailored research on financial securities.

CEO Gaby Diamant states that the company's reports generated by artificial intelligence are viewed daily by millions, with financial reports available in 22 languages and catering to clients in 15 countries. The platform covers 36,000 stocks and 14,500 exchange-traded or mutual funds, ensuring up-to-date research by incorporating latest information from news sources and social media. Bridgewise has accumulated $35 million, with investors like the collection SIX Group, Group 11, and L4 Venture Builder.

Bridgewise's micro language model provides analysis in the reader's choice language using a conversational chat interface, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The company is constructing expansive language models tailored to particular regions and clients. Founded in 2019, Bridgewise plans to utilize the additional funding to expedite its worldwide growth and advance the development of novel artificial intelligence user products.

Bridgewise's innovative AI solutions aim to empower global traders, advisors, and exchanges with accurate and timely investment research, catering to a diverse range of languages and financial products. The funding will propel the company's expansion and the development of new AI-driven products, reinforcing its position in the finance industry.