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Greptile Secures $4 Million to Construct AI-Driven Code Base Expert

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

07 Jun 2024

Greptile acquires $4 million in order to construct an AI-driven code base expert. As you examine the manner in which generative artificial intelligence is being applied across various development tools, you will notice that the primary focus has been on the generation of code, such as with GitHub Copilot. The early-stage business Greptile, which was founded by a group of recent Georgia Tech graduates, made the decision to take a new approach by employing artificial intelligence to assist developers in comprehending the code base.

And rather than relying merely on a chat interface, as the majority of vendors have done, the business offered an additional distinctive twist by developing an application programming interface (API) that allowed developers to connect to the code base and construct bespoke applications based on an artificial intelligence-driven inquiry. A seed round to the tune of $4 million was revealed by the company on Thursday.

According to Daksh Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Greptile, the Greptile bot is comparable to having a highly experienced coworker who has a profound understanding of your code. According to what Gupta shared with TechCrunch, "So we are building AI tools that understand large code bases at companies because as time goes on and multiple programmers work on the codebase, it tends to get very difficult to understand."

The founders of the startup came up with the idea for the company at a hackathon, which led to the establishment of the company in July of last year. They launched the product, rapidly expanded to approximately one hundred users paying between ten and twenty dollars per month, and then applied to and were accepted into Y Combinator for the Winter 2024 cohort.