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Bright Machines Raises $106M for AI-focused Manufacturing

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

26 Jun 2024

AI-focused manufacturing business has raised $106 million, with contributions from Nvidia and other investors. According to a statement released by Bright Machines on Tuesday, the firm said that it had successfully completed a Series C investment round, which resulted in the acquisition of $106 million. The investors in this round included Nvidia and Microsoft.

A wide variety of manufacturing processes can be automated with the assistance of the company's equipment and software, which is manufactured in San Francisco. This is accomplished through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Among the other investors who participated in the Series C investment round were the venture capital company Eclipse Ventures, the robotics manufacturer Jabil, and BlackRock. Bright Machines was able to secure a debt of twenty million dollars from J.P. Morgan.

The CEO of Bright Machines, Lior Susan, stated in an interview that the company intends to spend almost all of the money it has raised toward its technical effort, which is focusing on robots, computer vision, and other automation issues.