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Bedrock Security Raises $10 Million in Investment Round to Develop AI-Powered Data Security Platform

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

27 March 2024

The data security firm Bedrock Labs Inc., also known as Bedrock Security, has secured a $10 million investment from Greylock to launch its frictionless data security platform. Powered by an AI Reasoning Engine, the platform aids businesses in safeguarding their most sensitive data by comprehending fresh data instantly without disrupting operations.

The AIR Engine surpasses traditional data security standards by utilizing AI reasoning to enhance data visibility and automate tasks like data classification and risk analysis. This enables businesses to protect intellectual property and prevent unauthorized access by high-risk workloads, such as generative AI models.

CEO Pranava Adduri founded Bedrock Security on the principle that rapid comprehension of vast amounts of data is essential for business growth, particularly in the era of generative AI. The company aims to set a new industry standard for frictionless data security, ensuring that businesses can operate confidently with their data securely protected from creation.

Funded by Greylock, Bedrock Security plans to expedite platform development to meet the needs of modern businesses deploying generative AI and other data-based workloads securely.