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Apify Raises €2.8 Million for AI Data Mining

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

15 April 2024

Apify, a platform for extracting data from the web, secures €2.8 million in investment. Its web scraping technology enables businesses to harvest data from websites and automate web-based workflows. The company offers an open marketplace with over 1,500 cloud-based programs and has clients such as Siemens and Microsoft.

The Prague-based startup, founded in 2015, achieved a revenue of 6.7 million euros by 2023, with a profit of approximately one million euros. Founder and CEO Jan Čurn states the company aims to demonstrate efficient growth and potential for future investments or exits.

Investors include venture capital fund J&T Ventures and existing investor Reflex Capital. J&T Ventures' Martin Kešner expresses confidence in Apify's position to become a world leader.

The funding will be directed towards marketing, product development, and expanding the developer community. The employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) pool for employee incentives was extended to around 15 percent as part of the funding round.