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Airbnb has acquired GamePlanner.AI

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

15 November 2023

Airbnb has acquired GamePlanner, a covert AI business, for a reported $200 million. Co-founded by Siri's Adam Cheyer, GamePlanner's exact offerings remain unclear, but it's described as an AI-focused consultancy. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky aims to integrate AI-driven experiences into the platform, aligning with his vision of an AI-powered 'travel concierge.'

The 12-person GamePlanner team, blending design and AI expertise, will work on accelerating AI projects for Airbnb. Chesky emphasizes the need to ensure AI enhances humanity, positioning Airbnb as a 'humanistic' tech company.

Chesky's ambitious goal for a generative AI-driven travel concierge drives Airbnb's first acquisition since 2019. GamePlanner's acquisition reflects Airbnb's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in the travel industry.