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The Best New AI Tools That Launched This Week (15 September, 2023)

Meet the best new AI tools we played with this week.

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CodeRabbit enables you to accelerate code reviews with AI.

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Fantasaur creates personalized bedtime stories with AI.

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Cosmos allows you to organize, search, and edit video with AI.

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stocknear is your AI copilot for the stock market.

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BetterPic enables you to transform casual photos into professional headshots with AI.

Follow on Twitter: @BetterPicAI is your personal AI executive assistant.

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Maekersuite allows you to write video scripts 10X faster with AI.

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CustomerIQ is the AI-assisted workspace for teams to collect and synthesize customer feedback.

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Coinfeeds transforms the complex world of cryptocurrency into simple, digestible insights with AI.

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timeOS the all-in-one solution for AI-powered scheduling, note-taking, and agendas that turns your calendar into a dynamic and conversational assistant.

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Trickle allows you to transform your screenshot clutter into readable and searchable text digest with AI.

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Poised is your AI-powered communication coach for online meetings.

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AIWritingPal is your AI-driven partner for content and image creation.

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Portfolio Magic

Portfolio Magic is the AI-powered tool which enables freelancers to quickly create customized portfolios with built in payments and analytics.

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Snapy is your AI video editing assistant.

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