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The Best New AI Tools That Launched This Week (10 February 2024)

Meet the best new AI tools we played with this week.

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Promptly is a no-code generative AI platform which enables advanced app and workflow creation.

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Fixkey corrects your grammar in any app using AI.

Follow on Twitter: @fixkeyai is an AI-driven tool designed to assist students and academics in effortlessly writing essays and reports.

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AI Form Roast

AI Form Roast is an AI tool that examines online forms and offers insights to enhance completion rates and user experience.

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Dorik AI

Dorik AI is an innovative website building platform driven by AI.

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Syncly empowers businesses to automatically categorize and analyze customer feedback using AI.

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Voxweave utilizes AI to extract concise, actionable summaries from YouTube videos.

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Algomo is an AI shopping assistant for e-commerce.

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PopAi is your personal AI workspace that combines reading, writing, and creating all in one platform.

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AgentHub is a no-code platform for automating workflows with AI.

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artbox offers a collection of premium AI-generated visuals to enhance your next project.

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Galileo AI

Galileo AI is a text-to-UI platform that utilizes AI to generate mobile and desktop user interfaces.

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EasyReview enables you to convert your Google Reviews into actionable insights with AI.

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Coursnap is an AI tool designed specifically for enhancing the learning experience of YouTube courses and lectures.

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Divinate allows you to transform user research into rapid actionable insights using the power of AI.

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