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AI Software Startup Ailytics Secures $2.7M Funding Led by Tin Men Capital

Chrissie Wong

Chrissie Wong

02 April 2024

Under the leadership of venture capital firm Tin Men Capital, the oversubscribed pre-Series A funding round of Singapore-based software startup Ailytics raised US$2.7 million.

By utilizing video analytics powered by scenario-based artificial intelligence (AI), Ailytics assists heavy industry businesses in enhancing their operational safety and productivity.

On Monday (April 1), the organization's chief executive, Lenard Tan, announced that the newly acquired funds will be utilized to extend the company's business-to-business (B2B) operations to additional markets in the region, including Hong Kong, the Middle East, Japan, and Oceania.

Tan further stated, 'We would have the capacity to expand our research and development endeavors in order to construct video analytics solutions of the next generation, which would be propelled by large vision models capable of managing intricate domain-specific tasks.'